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Lesson #1: Always Show Up

It seems like common sense I assume. Show up. If you want something to happen you have to be there. I know wishing on stars sounds like a fabulous plan; and it would be… if it worked! But unless you are willing to show up, be prepared, be focused, be intentional then you are simply […]

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to do or to do not…

I suppose the question as stated so eloquently by Shakespeare is actually “to be or not to be” however the act of being is in essence our actions or lack there of.  As we stand in place today, in this moment, we are truly the cumulative outcome of all prior decisions.  It therefore causes one looking to improve their future place […]

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Breakfast is served!

There is something to be said for the consistent idea of preparation that I am raving about. When it comes to your body you need to think of it as a metaphorical vehicle.  You can’t run without gas!  You must put fuel in the tank in order to go.  When eating “breakfast” consider it your […]

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A Lucky 4 Leaf Clover

Come on get Lucky!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day there is no better way to celebrate than to bestow an Irish blessing upon all those whom you have had the “luck” of encountering at some point or another in your life. With that said my wish for you “May the Best day of your Past be the Worst […]

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Fresh and Easy

Preparation is key to making healthy choices consistently. You must first have available the caliber food you eat or should be eating. Oftentimes we load our refrigerator with fresh produce only to let it spoil.  A little creativity can go a long way with few fresh items.  A tuna or chicken salad can be prepared […]

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The Accidental Athlete

So I did not title this blog post to infer that I woke-up one day and discovered I was ridiculously awesome at a particular sport; in fact, quite the opposite is true.  Now that’s not to say I stink but being an athlete that was driven by playing their sport was simply not my thing.  […]

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