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2017-07-03 07.10.08

The Window.

Windows are unique in that you can remain completely separated from what is on the other side if you so choose.  Windows with coverings provide you the opportunity to block out what is on the other side…. maybe you don’t want to look.  Windows let incredible natural light in and can fill a space with warmth […]

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art 2


If you are reading this… thank you. It’s truly an honor to have you take your precious time to read the things I write.  Writing is my art. It seems like we spend so much of our lives looking for “our thing”… but do we ever stop to think about how we define our thing. […]

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Every single time I think of dominoes I think of the Rancid song … “let the dominoes fall, I ain’t got control”.  Because seriously do any of us really believe we are in control?!  I suppose in that egotistical dreams of grandeur way we assume we have control.  We plan, prepare, and execute; all done […]

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2017-04-11 06.47.48


“like a wildflower, she spent her days allowing herself to grow.  not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all knew her light.” -nikki rowe I couldn’t find a better lead in to this piece on the little bit of gypsy soul we all possess should we choose to acknowledge it.  Even with the technical […]

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slow down

Laid Back Style.

When I say style I don’t mean clothes; today, I am referring to how chill you are. How laid back? How easily you can go with the flow? There is something about the west coast with it’s mighty Pacific coastline and that California sunshine. When you grow up in the laid back So Cal life […]

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2017-03-10 15.33.45-2

The C Word.

I don’t think I was ever scared.  Stunned and unable to process it may be more a tangible way of explaining it.  Angry, frustrated and yet hopeful. The call I had been waiting on for a week came through while I was standing in line to get on Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland with my […]

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2017-03-13 07.21.39


Funniest part of this title is it is the product of my crazy rambling train of thought. Everyone drives two hours to pick up pizza right?! Well I suppose you do when you love it, you can only get it in Venice beach and you are planning on taking it home on that JetBlue flight […]

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