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2015-03-18 10.40.41-2

Cleaner (and healthier) Produce!

Recently I ordered a product that is new to me called EatCleaner.  I heard about it on The Chalene Show podcast; episode “Think before you bite!”  I was shocked at the information both statistical and the reality alarms going off in my head that my fruit and veggies were so dirty!!! I only washed them […]

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2015-02-27 09.08.54

Be a Beginner

This is probably the one mistake you are making daily that is hurting your chances for success.  You must allow yourself to be a beginner.  A beginner doesn’t know exactly how it’s done. A beginner feels awkward and gets frustrated easily.  A beginner needs to learn and sometimes ask for help.  A beginner practices. When […]

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