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VLOG #1 Let’s Start Today

  So today begins my adventure in service.  For years as a personal trainer and coach I have sought to inspire, motivate and help people achieve their health and fitness goals!!! The thing is I wanted the journey to those goals to be realistic, sustainable and doable.  I know first hand that if a plan […]

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2017-07-03 07.16.25

Holding Hands.

They say no man is an island unto himself.  But for just a moment indulge me and imagine you are an island.  Imagine it up close; zoom in.  Feel the water lapping your shores, and slowly receding across your sand back into the warm waters of the massive ocean hugging your borders.   See and […]

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2017-07-03 07.10.08

The Window.

Windows are unique in that you can remain completely separated from what is on the other side if you so choose.  Windows with coverings provide you the opportunity to block out what is on the other side…. maybe you don’t want to look.  Windows let incredible natural light in and can fill a space with warmth […]

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2017-06-27 08.30.55


In keeping with my theme of gifts you can give others I struggled to pick just one for this last blog.  There are so many gifts we can give of ourselves and I wanted to keep it simple.  The topic was almost… A smile.  But a smile comes from the heart, and a REAL smile […]

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2017-06-09 09.05.22


So simple right?! Kindness. If you saw the live action version of Disney’s Cinderella you came away quoting “have courage and be kind.” Ella exemplified kindness, even when she was treated poorly and when asked how she was treated by her “family” she told the prince, “they do their best”.  She didn’t bash them even […]

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2017-06-09 09.03.29


Originally, when I had this brilliant idea to dedicate a month worth of blog posts to gifts you could give to others I didn’t see the “light bulb” moment that the titles and topics created.  The first of the series on gifts was Appreciation, and you can read it here.  But when I sat down […]

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2017-06-06 20.02.17


Gratitude. Recently I had the opportunity to help coordinate the entire Teacher (Staff) Appreciation Week at the kids school.  This was actually my second year and I could see the growth.  In the weeks leading up to it I had several teachers ask if we were planning some of the same things they had enjoyed last […]

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2017-05-28 23.30.34

Art 2.0

In the not so distant past I asked you to consider your art.  Think about the gifts you have that you have which you could share with the world.  My previous discussion of art assigned art to some of my loved ones; but that means their art was designated by me, not them. After publishing […]

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2017-05-23 10.18.01


If you have some of your own then you know… there is no way to explain them, excuse them, or make anyone else understand just what it is that you all have together.  Like pieces of a VERY unique puzzle you just fit together.  They often say that twins have this deep connection that bonds […]

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