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2017-05-23 10.18.01


If you have some of your own then you know… there is no way to explain them, excuse them, or make anyone else understand just what it is that you all have together.  Like pieces of a VERY unique puzzle you just fit together.  They often say that twins have this deep connection that bonds […]

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A couple of years ago I happened to meet the principal at my children’s new school.  Now as a girl from the standoffish state of California I was once again struck by the truly personable characteristics of the south.  The genuinely charming friendly behavior you hear of is not merely lore.  This administrator, whom I […]

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art 2


If you are reading this… thank you. It’s truly an honor to have you take your precious time to read the things I write.  Writing is my art. It seems like we spend so much of our lives looking for “our thing”… but do we ever stop to think about how we define our thing. […]

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Every single time I think of dominoes I think of the Rancid song … “let the dominoes fall, I ain’t got control”.  Because seriously do any of us really believe we are in control?!  I suppose in that egotistical dreams of grandeur way we assume we have control.  We plan, prepare, and execute; all done […]

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2017-04-11 06.47.48


“like a wildflower, she spent her days allowing herself to grow.  not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all knew her light.” -nikki rowe I couldn’t find a better lead in to this piece on the little bit of gypsy soul we all possess should we choose to acknowledge it.  Even with the technical […]

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slow down

Laid Back Style.

When I say style I don’t mean clothes; today, I am referring to how chill you are. How laid back? How easily you can go with the flow? There is something about the west coast with it’s mighty Pacific coastline and that California sunshine. When you grow up in the laid back So Cal life […]

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squeeze the day

Fruit Stands.

Have you ever been privy to a conversation that occurred repeatedly, over the span of years… the. exact. same. conversation. … like deja vu? So at this point you are like, “yes, with my kids, parents, husband, etc”!  But this isn’t about one of those conversations that you keep having, nothing changes and as you […]

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File Mar 21, 12 27 41 PM

Betty Baker.

To be 100% truthful I like the outcome of baking much more than any other sweets on the planet.  Well, I do love chocolate, and sugary candy.  I would have to say though if I lived on a desert island for the rest of my life and could only have one type of sweets it […]

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