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Meet Autum

Wife, mother, entrepreneur, personal trainer, and FitLife coach

Hello and welcome!!! I am so thrilled that you have given me a few minutes of your valuable time!!! I sincerely hope that as you browse my site, follow me on my various social media channels and use my FitLife products you will find that I offer you the motivation, inspiration, resources and training that aide you in your journey to health and happiness. I truly believe in the power of happiness and from the very bottom of my heart I will work tirelessly to provide you with the quality products and genuine caring service that will help you reach your goals, succeed in your endeavors and ultimately enjoy the rewards of living a FitLife!

I think a brief introduction is in order as you have taken a moment to visit.  I am a wife, mother of 2, entrepreneur, personal trainer and FitLife coach.  My family is a little world that provides love, nurturing and lots of fun.  My parents gave me a wonderfully large base of support at home and with our extended family.  Being the oldest of 4 children has given me a unique perspective on life as the big sister.  My husband and I share a beautiful marriage and our 2 greatest gifts, our son Duncan and our daughter Hope.  As time goes on I hope you will enjoy my blog as I share the many lessons I have learned in life, the principles I hold dear and the enjoyment I get out of each and every day that I am blessed to walk this earth.  I live a FitLife everyday as I personally strive to be better, do more, and share happiness with others.

FitLifeIt only seems fitting that I introduce you to my happiness lifestyle, FitLife.  A FitLife is a lifestyle that is progressive and defined only by you and your level of happiness.  There is no set of rules that you must follow or unrealistic challenges presented.  It begins with the desire to improve yourself; if you do not love yourself how can you truly love others.  I want you to find the inner joy and satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are your best; this means learning, growing, and caring for yourself on the basic levels.  When you take the time to believe you deserve and work to develop your physical and mental self the payoff can be seen in every aspect of your life.  Since your physical well-being translates directly into your ability to live fully caring for your physical self is one of the top priorities of a FitLife.  My motto is EAT Clean and TRAIN Dirty and you will see these themes over and over again as you connect with me and honor me with the opportunities to serve you.  A FitLife means you set measurable goals, develop a plan to reach them, and above all else you follow-through.  There are no days off in the pursuit of greatness and to be honest you will find that you don’t need days off from this fantastic lifestyle because the rewards are so wonderful.  It is my sincerest wish that you will find that I offer you realistic, sustainable and doable ways to achieve your dreams!

Lastly any recommendations you see throughout my pages here are referral to things I have research, used or trust.  I want to be completely transparent with you and  let you know that if you click a link or a button and you purchase from that link or button they will send me a little thank you commission for sharing their product or service.

Believing in your Happiness,

Autum Kelley

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