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VLOG #3: When in doubt…

Now I did a lead into this VLOG with an update on the tragic Hurricane Harvey that caused mass destruction and devastation to the state of Texas recently.  I realize that at some point this won’t be a top news story and yet here it is immortalized in a blog post; I can’t go back and change it but neither can we simply erase the pain and suffering caused by this event.  The thing is an event can make the history books based on its magnitude or impact.  Hurricane Harvey will be placed in your memory banks but it’s importance will be relative to its relevance in your life… how did it impact you?

Sometimes it is small transitions or seemingly big changes that cause the most turmoil and upset in our lives.  We are forced to find ways to cope and deal with our new reality.  But since nothing is static about life we are always doing just that… pressing onward.

Each time we begin a new phase or season we are forced to  adapt and  sometimes that adaptation process can cause serious overwhelm.  We must now fit all the same pieces with perhaps a few more  or few less into a new frame.  The  thing is this is completely doable and you simply need patience and a  plan of action.  Which  is where this VLOG post landed us… what do to when overwhelmed or in doubt.

Now I have studied many different techniques but the one I like best stems from a book titled “Famous in Heaven and at Home” by Michelle Myers.  On day 10 of this character study she  reminds us that when all else fails we are forced here but we have the opportunity to develop a habit where we start with this plan… Pause (stop). Pray (breathe). Proceed (act).

Understandably it takes time and practice to start with that plan of action but whether you start there or you end there you find the answers you seek.  No matter how zealous you are you must pause; assess the situation (just a little hint: make sure you find something to be grateful for).  Once you can fully see what is before you pray; ask for strength and wisdom to discern what your next step should be.  Lastly, you may proceed; start with a small action that  your  heart is  leading you to and build on it… keep going!

As I prepared my kids for their 4th and 6th grade years I realized I had taught them all I could, given them guidance, mercy, and love to the best of my ability.  They are equipped for whatever will come their way … but I gave them this action tool as a plan and for that I am so grateful!  I know those three words can calm a storm inside you if  you let them.  I know those three words can guide you to do small things with great love if you follow them.  I am forever grateful I found those words on the pages of that book… I’ve shared them with all  those who matter the most to  me… will you share them too???


PS… I have included several links below that  I love and wanted  to share with you (if you click the image it will take you directly to the site).

Michelle’s Book

A beautiful ministry “she works His way” (and they have an incredible daily devotional app)

My all time fav workout gear … with “truth on a tank”: Cross Training Couture




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