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VLOG #2: Let’s Talk Wellness


So  all  this time you thought wellness was just some cool word referring to your health!!! Health, nutrition and fitness are just a small part of wellness! Wellness can be divided into 4 categories (more  if you wanna remember more things 🙂 ….

  1.  Physical: Which you already knew.  Eat well, move, sleep, and take care of your health.
  2. Personal: This is your happiness factor; your relationships, hobbies, spirituality… sharpening your personal saw.
  3. Financial: We wish it wasn’t true but money does make the world go round when it comes to needs being met.
  4. Environmental: This is your ability to find a happy medium between what you can do with what’s around you and in your space and what you can not control.

While it may seem like having everything in perfect harmony would  be ideal remember it isn’t a real thing.  Embrace finding a perfectly unbalanced balance where you systematically approach developing a certain area of your wellness with focus and persistence!!! You can do GREAT things when you focus  on taking one step at a time.  We learn  to craw, then walk, and then run.  The same can be said when it comes to  your wellness; attempt to continually  get better little by little.  The results of your efforts will compound!

As promised i have included a link below for my favorite produce cleaner, Eat Cleaner (and  just so we are completely honest, if you end up buying from them they will send me a  little thank your for promoting their product….. I’ve been using it for years and it sits on my kitchen counter where even my kids  know how to use it!) .

Last thing… wellness is a mindset and a journey … thanks for taking me along yours!


P.S. Don’t forget to ask your questions or voice your concerns as topics of later vlog-isodes!!! 🙂

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