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VLOG #1 Let’s Start Today


So today begins my adventure in service.  For years as a personal trainer and coach I have sought to inspire, motivate and help people achieve their health and fitness goals!!! The thing is I wanted the journey to those goals to be realistic, sustainable and doable.  I know first hand that if a plan isn’t paved with those three types of  activity it is sure to fail.  Unfortunately you can only fail so  many times before  you begin questioning your motives and your ability to succeed.  Failure should be a learning opportunity but when you jump blindly over and over again praying to land on your feet and only finding your bottom the will to push onward diminishes.

I can tell you I have failed, repeatedly.  I have failed at success as a Beachbody coach, I have failed at being  coordinated enough to not trip, fall, and mangle my right foot and ankle repeatedly.  I have however succeed at much.  I have run a business from home; learned how to do things with no prior experience, and rocked it; I have been a busy SAHM and  still studied efficiency and priorities; I have helped  others.  Here’s the thing… when your motivation is pure whether you succeed or fail you really are a winner; next time you will do better because  you know better.  Now that choice to take  the opportunity or not is totally up to you and sometimes its the fear of  failure that will hold you back but it doesn’t mean you “can’t”, in fact there is no such word in my vocabulary.

So  if  you CAN do anything  then what is holding you back??? Uncertainty, lack of information, lack of motivation, fear of failure?? Let me help!!!! I have decided to press onward doing what I know best, pushing the power of a positive outlook into the universe as a force to  be reckoned with.  I want to help you succeed.  From here on out I am here to serve you.  My VLOG posts will be a way for me to answer questions for the masses, share information that just might help you become more educated in an area you seek more information on, and share inspiration and camaraderie in a world that can suck you dry (for real though have you watched the news???).

I hope  I can help… help  you succeed.  My research, education and experience will be available to help you create the FitLife you want and deserve.  Ask questions, share grievances, be real and let’s figure this thing out!!!


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Lisa Parnell
Lisa Parnell

I love your spunkiness, and how you strive to help.others Your Vlog was very well put together and gave me good point to reflect on ..sometimes you have to fail to succeed. Through trial and error we find things out about ourselves we either didn’t know or were too stubborn to accept. Whatever the case may be one thing holds true …when you fall off the horse dust yourself off and get back on that horse and Never accept ” you can’t” but rather” I can and will” Love you niece ofine keep.up the good work..and keep that smile going… Read more »

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