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Holding Hands.

They say no man is an island unto himself.  But for just a moment indulge me and imagine you are an island.  Imagine it up close; zoom in.  Feel the water lapping your shores, and slowly receding across your sand back into the warm waters of the massive ocean hugging your borders.   See and smell the lush greenery and bold colors of the natural flora covering your land that extends from the ground to piercing heights, drawing your eyes up to the expansive sun-filled sky.  Hear the sounds and songs of the little inhabitants living and thriving in your beautiful ecosystem.  If I was an island that is the type of island I would be… but notice I am not alone.  The fact is ,that I really believe we were meant to do life in beautiful harmony with others.  We are to give of ourselves, love others and exist peacefully together.

Clearly that is NOT what is most important in today’s society.  I don’t know if the goal of peace is simply an idea lost in time and space or we can not even fathom how to achieve it so we think it impossible.  Whichever sad reality we live in peace is not an option globally right now, unfortunately not even on a national level, and sadly enough some cities and small towns are affected… this island of isolation and desolation extends down to the youngest members of our society born and forgotten in broken homes.  From globally to personally you can see the rifts, the isolation, and the pain.

But what if we flip our paradigm and stop looking from BIG (globally) to small (self) and we look at the situation from SELF to globally.  What if we begin with a solution that each of us can work on personally and it would cause a ripple effect.  I am not saying I can create world peace but I am saying that if a bunch of people working toward the same goal inspire others to join them we can collectively make the world a much better place.

How do we start?!  We hold hands.  We love.  Love is a small gift and it doesn’t come in a big box wrapped up with a big bow but the gift itself is powerful.  Love is the opposite of hate (and we have all seen what hate can do).  Consider our island for a moment… the sandy shores are saturated in the warm water, the roots of the flora dig down into the land and the little creatures have created little homes among the trees and bushes.  Our entire island’s ecosystem is created by “holding hands”, being an integral part of the whole while each element is uniquely different.  There is no identity loss.  Everything belongs together.

So start holding hands with your loved ones.  Hold your kid’s hands, your spouses hand, your parent’s hands.  Let the love literally flow between you.  Holding hands is a promise to one another, that for just a moment, the two of you don’t have to face the world alone.  Give this comfort to those closest to you.  The simple act will inspire them to share that safety and security, that feeling of being loved.  Slowly but surely that love will spread as it is offered, and accepted by more and more.

And hey, if this doesn’t solve all the world’s problems at the very least you will know you don’t have to face them alone.


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Angela Higuera
Angela Higuera

I love this!!!

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