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The Window.

Windows are unique in that you can remain completely separated from what is on the other side if you so choose.  Windows with coverings provide you the opportunity to block out what is on the other side…. maybe you don’t want to look.  Windows let incredible natural light in and can fill a space with warmth and breathtaking views.  Windows are simply a piece of glass separating you from something else and yet they hold such power; if you don’t look through it you may never see what is on the other side.

The inspiration to write this occurred during a recent flight.  Mind you, I fly frequently for a bum shoulder to see a doctor at USC.  I know the Austin to Long Beach circuit like the back of my hand.  So many times, I travel alone and I typically sit in the aisle seat; this means I don’t have to climb over people to use the restroom, I don’t have to wait on people to deplane, and I am not “trapped”.  Funny how when you tell yourself your paradigm is set you begin to acknowledge all the things that keep you doing exactly what you are doing and never risk setting a chain of unknowns into action by creating change.  So I sat aisle… many times.  The people in the window seat would typically close the window and as that tiny shade came down it blocked out the warm, bright, stimulating light.  But I got off the plane first, so what if I didn’t get to control the light coming in, or see the views.  Something important to know is I love the light, natural light. When we bought a home my real estate agent, and my husband made sure it had windows.  Our home today boasts incredible windows that EVERY guest comments on.  The windows are my opening to the world… I am never closed in and never trapped.  So I began to think that I was at the mercy of the window seat person on each and every plane and maybe that was it’s own kind of “trapped”, held hostage to the whims of someone else.  So it took some very in depth conversations with myself but I gave in and booked a window seat for my next round trip, both directions.  They say when you step outside your comfort zone, that is where the magic happens and it was nothing short of magical.  I let the natural light pour in on me, I never closed the window because I was mesmerized by the view.  Watching your origin shrink further and further from site, sailing through the fluffiest white clouds that as a child you dreamed you could touch, seeing my destination from the sky as it became sharper and larger and more real out of the mist.  During the flight I wore my shades, and stared out the window, people were probably wondering why I was a grown woman fascinated by the window seat… not unlike someone who has never had the chance.  But really, until I could step outside myself and do something different I was never going to see the magic because it isn’t visible from the aisle.

While I sat there I thought about comfort zones, and how easily we allow routine to trap us in; I thought about windows and how the view outside is such an incredible thing that should not be missed.  Of course as train of thoughts go mine took me down the road of why people would maybe not want to see out the window… what if it scared you?!  I keep coming back to what if you never saw it at all?!  This was a leap for me; to relinquish my efficient and effective manner of doing things.  I intentionally “trapped” myself into a plane and was at the mercy of others to get it moving so I could deplane but it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t die and the views I saw, the thoughts I thought and the experience of doing it different left me bold and confident.

The picture for this post… it’s mine. It is one of many I took and I will include a few below for your viewing pleasure.  But, I ask you to be brave and be willing to things differently once in a while.  You may be very surprised what magic is in store for you on the other side of your “window”.






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