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Originally, when I had this brilliant idea to dedicate a month worth of blog posts to gifts you could give to others I didn’t see the “light bulb” moment that the titles and topics created.  The first of the series on gifts was Appreciation, and you can read it here.  But when I sat down to create images and brainstorms for the following topics it hit me, you can’t give gifts to others, at least not genuine ones from the heart, unless you give them to yourself first.  For that matter you not only need to give them to yourself, you must then practice sharing them with everybody… baby steps but as you read on imagine the snowball effect!

Patience, I was always told, is a virtue.  It means waiting and waiting for the desired result and doing so nicely with a grateful heart.  Sometimes though when we are waiting we get frustrated, and others impede the progress and we get mad, and it just doesn’t seem like it is ever going to go our way and we throw a pity party.  Patience.  When you are patient with yourself, own your feelings and allow yourself compassion, you become confident.  Confident people who know they are doing their very best can be patient with others.  Love and Respect.  I really don’t know if you can give any greater gifts to others…. because you are patient with them doing their best and it lets them know they are enough.  If done correctly, these people who are human like the rest of us, who live through trial and error, will feel the value of the patience, the acceptance, the love and respect and they will be empowered! Empowered people share more of themselves genuinely with the world.  Perhaps last but not least is when all seems bleak, like it is never going to go how you want it to go, give it to God (or the universe, or mother nature, or that “thing” that is bigger than you) and have faith that all will be as it should be.

Start small. Have patience when you fail for it is a chance to learn and become confident; as you become stronger practice patience with others, love them and respect them and they will do great things.  Have faith, hope, and patience… we are just along for the ride so enjoy it!  (or practice patiently waiting your turn.)


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