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Gratitude. Recently I had the opportunity to help coordinate the entire Teacher (Staff) Appreciation Week at the kids school.  This was actually my second year and I could see the growth.  In the weeks leading up to it I had several teachers ask if we were planning some of the same things they had enjoyed last year, because they had truly enjoyed it.  They felt special and that was the point.  All the effort, planning and execution was solely focused on saying “Thank You” through kind acts to others who had given so much of themselves and expected nothing in return.  As part of this planning committee I expected nothing in return, just to see their joy.

Appreciation is powerful gift we can give others when that appreciation comes from our overwhelming sense of gratitude.  Luckily gratitude is a matter of mindset.

Being grateful means you don’t compare; that is the thief of joy.  Being grateful means you rejoice with and encourage others for what they do well.  Being grateful means you acknowledge the many gifts in your life, right down to the sweet heartfelt sentiment of a smile or a hug that made your day!  Being grateful is a choice and once you have decided to live a life a gratitude it is all practice after that.  Focus on finding the good in each and every moment, struggle, and joy.  Somewhere along this journey you will see that your life is not all about you… it takes a village.  For every moment you experience you are not alone; there are others, there are other moments that lead to it, there are helping hands be they tangible or invisible but you are not alone.  Once you discover that for each moment there are countless things you can be grateful for, the world changes for you.  You want to say THANK YOU.  Thank you to anyone, everyone, and no one in particular, or maybe God.  But “Thank You” goes a long way.

So find some one you need to say thank you too, be it for something big or small, tell them how much you appreciate them.  A phone call, a note, flowers, a hug… it doesn’t have to be expensive because if it is from the heart it will be priceless.


ps… I can’t thank you enough for reading my blog; it means the world to me!! Thank you.


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