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Art 2.0

In the not so distant past I asked you to consider your art.  Think about the gifts you have that you have which you could share with the world.  My previous discussion of art assigned art to some of my loved ones; but that means their art was designated by me, not them.

After publishing Art it was brought to my attention that it had subsequently been the topic of discussion over dinner and drinks.  First and foremost when you hear that your art was discussed you are rendered speechless; something you created had an impact. So after the initial feelings of euphoria that something I wrote was read and discussed I received the second gift, someone else’s take on my piece.  What precisely did I mean by “your art” because I got to choose my own and yet I assigned it to others?  So really do you get to pick your art or is your art that which others see as your impact on the world???  When it was originally written I did indeed mean your art to be the gifts you have and can intentionally share with the world that can make it a better place.  You, being uniquely you, can provide the world with a gift that no one else can share in the same way… you have your art and it feels good when you share it.

However, taking into account that I took the liberty to assign an art to others, it feels only fair to address that you have an “additional art” and that is what people see… it is the take-away you leave others with when you are not with them physically.  In recognition of this fact, others have an opinion of you, I am forced to come to terms with balance between acknowledging others opinion and not allowing the world to tell you who to be.  It is my firm belief that you should be BOLDLY YOU.  Be you, the one that laughs at silly things, sings songs about anything and nothing, eats Lima beans by the plate full or really enjoys wearing Velcro shoes.  The world needs you to be you; don’t count on worldly accolades (which are fleeting and fickle).  Then when you are truly being you be aware of the gifts you try to share with the world and if you are just brave enough you can ask someone what they think your art is.  You may never ask and that is OK; you do your best at being you and it will leave a mark on the world, I promise.  If however you are intrigued to know if the art you intentionally create coincides with what others see as your art then you can ask because they may be different, especially on the surface.

Which leads me to the point where I ask you to consider this… even if you believe your art to be one thing and the outside world calls it something else, when you boil it down to the heart of the issue is it not really the same thing???   If you are brave enough to create and share your art you are attempting in your own unique way to serve others, and if others are impacted or inspired by what you do in such a way that they would call it your art then really isn’t it the same thing? Your art is your service to the world, the gift you give of yourself.  Legacies are what people remember about someone; the impact they made on the world using their personal gifts.  The words may be different. The secret is that both are referring to the servant’s heart; giving of oneself or being impacted by what someone was brave enough to share.  The heart is where the art comes from to begin with.

So no matter what you, or others, call your art keep sharing it.  It is truly art that flows from the heart when it created for the purpose of serving others. Your art is beautiful and world needs to see it.


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