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If you have some of your own then you know… there is no way to explain them, excuse them, or make anyone else understand just what it is that you all have together.  Like pieces of a VERY unique puzzle you just fit together.  They often say that twins have this deep connection that bonds them through time and space but I think all siblings have it (perhaps on a lesser scale) but when you are together, you feel whole.

The photo for this piece was created by “Lessons Learned in Life” and that is precisely why I chose not to crop the photo and give them photo creds in the text alone… let it sink in: LESSONS LEARNED IN LIFE.  Life is a crazy, unpredictable series of seasons that occur sequentially sometimes leaving you only enough time to take a breath before the next one begins.  So if you are lucky enough to have siblings you have these special kindred souls that no matter what season you are in, they are in one also, and let’s be real probably a different one… but they understand.  You are part of the same whole, you and your sibling(s).  It is the weirdest most wonderful connection on the planet.  Siblings are so different, and yet so alike.  Siblings are their own strange entity.  The lesson you learn in life, at some point, if you have siblings is that they are your people.  The people who were given to you to be there; and your job is to be there for them too. Understand this does not say: agree with everything they say or do, pay their way, pull them along and give them everything YOU want them to have then be resentful when it is unappreciated, and certainly do not expect to get along 100% of the time.  The lesson is to love them, walk by them, be thankful for them, hold them in a big hug as often as you can, and be there so they are never alone.

Seriously I could tell you a million stories about me and my siblings from good to bad, crazy, wild, fun, chaos & joy to anger, hurt and pain.  But the most important thing about my siblings is that they are mine.  They are my people.  We live by honesty policy, we are inappropriate & wild, and will gang up on somebody when need be or just cause it would be funny.  We are happy together.

I have wonderful stories of my siblings, my parents and their siblings, my grandparents and their siblings.  A bond between siblings is a force to be reckoned with; part of the master plan we had no say in creating.  Even  when siblings are at odds there are threads that tie them together… pull the threads, close the gap, untangle the knots.  No one is perfect and the imperfect people we were given as siblings are here to share our story.

So embrace the unique gift of your siblings… they are the only ones you get.


Dedicated to: Krista, Katelyn, and Jake

I love you.

– your big sister


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